Invest in diversity.

As the Nordic tech scene continues to grow, gender diversity in the field is at a standstill. Even though it's a fact that a diverse team creates more value only 0,7% of venture capital goes into female-founded companies in Europe. This is the lowest it's been for at least ten years. We believe we can get female-founded and co-founded companies to receive more.

This year's edition of Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit will be focusing on creating that next, or very first, investment by matchmaking founders and investors. We are bringing some of the most prominent voices together on October the 12th in Malmö.

Join us as we focus on the opportunities that lie ahead and encourage more Fe:male into the startup world.
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Door opens for the registration and check-in + coffee to wake up fully :)

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Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit

Welcome remarks!

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Nordic Fe:male Founders

5 out of the 10 best female and non-binary-led startups in the Nordics will be taking over the stage and pitching for the prize of 100.000 SEK

Prize sponsored by Tassaka AB, Nudging Capital AB, Grenspecialisten AB, Skabholmen Invest AB.

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Short break


"VC Challenge" - Virginia E. Vegas

Creating the next generation of Nordic Venture.

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Nordic Fe:male Founders

5 out of the 10 best female and non-binary-led startups in the Nordics will be taking over the stage and pitching for the prize of 100.000 SEK

Prize sponsored by Tassaka AB, Nudging Capital AB, Grenspecialisten AB, Skabholmen Invest AB.

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Lunch + networking

Find the matches made via the Brella app and get the conversations going

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Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit


"How hard can it be? And other questions that led me into becoming an investor" - Siduri Poli

"My path has not been straight, nor round, to be honest, most of the time there hasn't even been a path to follow. How do you find the courage to do what you dream of when nobody else is there to hype you up? When you don't have the connections? Or when you even don't know what the end goal might be? These are my lessons when breaking new ground in investments. It's a story about how specific women, coincidences, and a stupid question got me to where I am today. And probably what will get me where I am tomorrow."

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"Unconventional fundraising" - Thea Messel

What is it like to raise a fund as an underrepresented fund manager – investing in underestimated founders? In a fireside chat with Miriam Olsson Jeffery, a Business reporter at Sydsvenskan, Thea Messel, General partner at Unconventional Ventures, will talk about why she thinks there is an untapped potential to invest in.

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Short break

Fill up with coffee!

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"Democratize access to capital: Investing in diverse founders" - Carmen Beltran, Somit Fessehazion, Christian Tooley

An open, down-to-earth discussion about minorities' funding experiences and opportunities in the startup ecosystem.  
Christian Tooley, Carmen Beltran  & Somit Fessehazion will be discussing the privilege of entrepreneurship, intersectionalities in the founder journeys, and what needs to be done in terms of equity to support this new generation of diverse entrepreneurs.

All moderated by Tove Lilliestierna, an investor from Norrsken VC, who are at the forefront of impact investing.

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"Dragonflies and Damselflies: Four Lessons in Gender Lens Investing" - Lauri Robbins Ericson

The stories and data are all too real and familiar. When it comes to raising capital, males consistently outperform females. What’s more troubling, despite a lot of concern and advocacy, we really haven’t done much to move the issue forward.
A transformation has not occurred.

Obstacles remain unchanged in norms and attitudes. Moreover, some of these obstacles are not discussed or questioned. This leaves women undervalued; they work more and earn less and have fewer choices.

And even Sweden, a country that is considered to represent what is possible for gender equality, faces its own challenges in investing in female founders.

However, while there are obstacles for us to overcome, there is also an energy to achieving gender equality that is Powerful. Connecting. Audacious. Inclusive.

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Short break


"Men as allies in the ecosystem" - Heidi Lindvall, Sandra Wirström, Sami Niemi

Coming from different backgrounds and experiences within the startup world, Heidi Lindvall, Sandra Wirström & Sami Niemi will be discussing the importance of men as allies in the ecosystem.

While there has been a generational shift in support and a perception of women, the annual startup reports & world policies leave us dumbfounded. What initiatives do we need to see to create a world that works for everyone and how can we support each other?

The panel discussion will be moderated by Miriam Olsson Jeffery, who has an in-depth tech understanding from Silicon Valley and Sweden

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Closing remarks

Announcing the winner of Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit pitch competition "Nordic Fe:male Founder of the Year"

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Mingle & networking

After you listened to all the talks, you will definitely have something to talk about. Get those conversations going

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Dinner at Knutssalen, Town Hall

Hosted by Malmö Stad

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All you need to know.

  • The event takes place in Malmö's Town Hall, Kompanigatan 5, 211 35 Malmö
  • or Online, via YouTube link -
  • It takes 20 min from CPH Airport to get to Malmö Central Station 
  • Doors open at 09.00 for registration

Nordic Fe:male Founders

  • The event starts at 10:00
  • 10 of the best Nordic Fe:male led startups will pitch for the prize of 100.000 SEK
    Prize sponsored by Tassaka AB, Nudging Capital AB, Grenspecialisten AB, Skabholmen Invest AB.

Networking + mingle

  • Lunch is served from 12:00
  • There will be two coffee breaks throughout the day, hosted by Malmö Stad
  • Matchmaking will be done via Brella app
  • The dinner, hosted by Malmö Stad, is served at 18:30 in Knutssalen, Town Hall

Nordic Fe:male Invest Summit

  • The event is back at 14.00, after lunch and networking break
  • Keynote speaker, inspirational journeys, panel discussions, and prize ceremony for “Nordic Fe:male Founder of the Year"
  • The event ends at 17:00 followed by networking and mingle

Hotel deal

  • Story hotel offers our guests a discount code when booking a hotel room
  • Go to ”special rates” and choose corporate or group code and enter ⇒ 157458
  • If you have any questions or difficulties making a reservation, email


  • If you can't attend and/or would like to buy a ticket for your mentee, a friend or a random stranger, let us know and we'll help you out. Contact


Siduri Poli
Award-winning entrepreneur, investor and author

Siduri Poli is an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, and author who strives to always do things differently in order to create a more diverse and innovative future. Siduri sees herself as the entrepreneur's right hand, and her ventures are proof of that.
Co-founder of one of Sweden's largest and most important entrepreneur hubs, Changers Hub, with over 1800 members and three locations in Sweden. The aim is to democratize success and enable young people in marginalized areas to succeed with their start-up ideas.
Author of the noticed "Hur du lyckas i en vit värld” (“How to make it in a white world”). A guide on how to make your dreams come true based on her own experiences.
Investing in early-stage startups thru her own investment company Mother Ventures (AVA STORIES, Petli, Freshsound, etc).  Investing in late-stage companies thru Society Uncaped, an angel network she launched earlier this year (X Shore, etc). Board member on Saminvest, the Swedish state's fund managing six billion SEK.

Fun fact: went to the US in August, by an invitation by the US State, and will share some fresh insights in her speech.

Other merits: done two TEDx talks, been awarded Future's Most Powerful by TCO, Digital Inspirer of The Year by IDG, Super Talent of the Year by Veckans Affärer, Future Promise of The Year by Marknadsföreningen, Super Communicator of The Year by Resumé
- and the most important one, Mom of the Year by Mama Magazine.

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Thea Messel
CEO of Unconventional Ventures

Thea is the founder and CEO of Unconventional Ventures - an investment company that invests in scalable, early-stage startups founded by underrepresented founders, namely women, LGBTQ+, people of colour and immigrants in the Nordics. Before transitioning into the investment space, Thea has a decade of experience in Banking and Sustainability, co-founding concepts to support Nordic startups such as,, +Impact accelerator, Thea has a MSc. International Business and BSc in Philosophy and Economics

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Lauri Robbins Ericson
Speaker, coach & advisor

Lauri is a speaker and advisor with a focus on social impact, innovation and impact. She has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, CEOs and purpose-driven change makers such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Acumen, Chalmers University of Technology, MTR Nordic, and Innovations for Poverty Action. Her TED talk is titled “Shifting Gender Paradigms: Speak Up, Stand Up, Rise Up ''. 

Lauri holds an MA in International Development Education from New York University and is a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA. She served on the Advisory Committee for the Women and Girls Africa Summit, as an advisor for Urban Challenges: Making Public Transportation Safe for All, a multi-country project sponsored by the Swedish Institute and launched the podcast "A Women’s Manifesto to the World'', whose purpose is to inspire all females to speak up, stand up and rise up.

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Democratize access to capital: Investing in diverse founders

Carmen Beltran
Founder of Rely Now

Carmen is the founder of Rely, a financial wellness platform for women. She has a background in finance and business development with more than 12 years experience building teams in different industries in Colombia, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands and Sweden. 

Passionate about adult education, financial inclusion and diversity in tech. Board member of Emmstech - women of color in tech nordics.

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Somit Fessehazion
Co-founder of Rely Now

Somit Fessehazion, co-founder of Rely. She has background in computer science and business with an experience in product development, and building educational financial programs for young adults. Currently working as an Agile Team Lead responsible for delivering mobile app solutions to various clients. 

Obsessed with equity, ownership, and building generational wealth.

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Christian Tooley
Founder of i³ investing

Christian (he/him) is an award-winning queer entrepreneur & strategist. As Founder & CEO of i³ investing he nurtures and invests in queer founders. At Bain & Co. he leads a team across EMEA focused on innovation strategy, business building, and venture capital. Christian is listed as a Top LGBTQ+ Future Leader by Yahoo Finance, winner of McKinsey's Achievement Award, and is recognised as a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum.

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Tove Lilliestierna
Senior Investment Manager, Norrsken VC

Tove Lilliestierna is a Senior Investment Manager at Norrsken VC, investing in early-stage European start-ups that are solving the world's biggest problems, while building massive businesses. Prior to joining Norrsken VC, Tove worked in London at buy-and-build investment firm Marwyn Capital and PwC’s Deals Advisory practice working with Tech, Media and Telecom companies. 

Tove is passionate about improving Diversity & Inclusion, and closing the funding gap for female and minority entrepreneurs.

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Men as allies in the ecosystem

Heidi Lindvall
General Partner at Pale Blue Dot

Heidi Lindvall is a founder and general partner at Pale Blue Dot, a climate tech VC based in Malmö, Sweden. Heidi has a background in media and human rights. She has founded tech startups and spent time in London and Silicon Valley and more recently set up a startup accelerator in London before moving to Sweden to help run Fast Track Malmö, the accelerator at Minc.

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Sami Niemi
Partner, Spintop Ventures

Sami is a partner in the leading Nordic early-stage tech VC Spintop Ventures. He has roots in mobile imaging technologies, having co-founded Scalado. The company grew to become a world-leading Mobile Imaging SW company, with more than 1 Billion licenses sold worldwide to essentially all the OEMs and many of the sensor/chipset makers. Nokia acquired the company in 2012. Sami integrated it later into Microsoft HQ, where he served as Director of Photography.

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Sandra Wirström
Co-Founder & CPO of LEIA

Mother of two with, Sandra started her career at Klarna and took her passion for user experience and women's health to Natural Cycles as the product owner. With the bad experience she had after both her births she took matters into her own hand and co-created LEIA. The worlds first postpartum tracker app, through daily tracking helps identify women at risk and gives them the tools they need to have a happier and healthier postpartum experience.

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Miriam Olsson Jeffery
Business reporter, Sydsvenskan

With experience from working as a business and tech journalist both in Sweden and in Silicon Valley, where Miriam was a correspondent for Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens industri and IDG, she has a deep understanding of the tech world. She has for many years put effort into cover equality, diversity and inclusion in tech, and is a co-organizer and moderator of the Female Founders event at Di Digital/Dagens industri.

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Aisha Mossberg

Aisha Mossberg works as Community Manager at Goto 10 – a free-of-charge event and workspace for entrepreneurs and innovators, run by the Swedish Internet Foundation. Aisha is a moderator, TEDx speaker and has several years of experience within the innovation and startup ecosystem in southern Sweden.

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If you would like to get involved and contribute to gender equality in the startup world, don't hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to have more people involved 💕 

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